Karen Wiebe

Financial Advisor

With over 11 years of experience in the financial industry, I'm proud to be a licensed financial advisor and a passionate advocate for financial well-being. After earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management my journey began in the pharmaceutical industry, where I built a strong foundation in analytical thinking and effective communication. Transitioning into financial advisory was a natural evolution, allowing me to combine my knack for numbers with my genuine love for helping people.

As a financial advisor, I've discovered that my greatest joy comes from connecting with clients, listening to their aspirations, and demystifying the world of investing. By taking the time to understand my clients' unique circumstances and goals, I can tailor strategies that align with their vision for the future.

For me, it all starts with sound financial planning. We often get ‘busy with life’, and the long-term plans for financial stability don’t get made.  As life sometimes catches us off guard, I want to help clients understand their financial options. I truly love working with everyone to better plan for these moments, and I have found a calling working with women to help them navigate this industry.

On a personal note, I’m originally from beautiful Colorado, where my love for hiking, jeeping, and yoga was cultivated. These activities not only rejuvenate my spirit but also teach me valuable lessons in perseverance and adaptability. In addition to these passions, I'm grateful to have my husband, John, by my side as we navigate life's journey together. This chapter also brings the fulfillment of watching my two accomplished sons build their lives. I relish the role of grandparent to two grandsons and am blessed with two wonderful daughters-in-law.

I am honored to serve my clients, and I take great pride in being responsive and reliable in every step of their financial journey.